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Teething problems - try a different browser

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Teething problems - try a different browser

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:48 pm

Asalam alaikom sisters

Alhamdililah, we have identified a potential problem that has a simple solution. Some of our testers were getting "locked out", receiving messages that their passwords were wrong or that they weren't registerd.

If you have registered, and been notified that your account with us has been activated - Don't believe the computer No , it LIES Loud Laughter Rather trust your sisters and have patience.

In such a case go to the public area and alert a moderator. Then switch browsers. e.g. If you are using Google Chrome change to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. These are all free to download from the web so insha Allah ONE of them at least should work for you.

Remember to keep all the members in your du'a.

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